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New book!

Lazy Person’s Guide to Framing – now available on Kindle at Amazon. It reached #2 Amazon bestseller rating in ‘Propaganda & Spin’ category. More details here… Longer excerpts: Deeper into framing

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“Weaponised” political framing – do you know which side you’re on? How traditionally “left” tropes – eg “anti-establishment”, “anti-elite” – are being used to further authoritarian interests. Inadequacies and dangers of binary political frames. Read post…

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Framing: idiots’ guides

Many people (some journalists included) have the misinformed notion that framing is primarily about “spin” or persuasion (marketing/PR). But frames aren’t about “superficial wordplay”; they’re how and why we think “along the lines” we do. I wrote the following to correct some of the common misconceptions:


“News” & political framing

Here are some examples from this site on how framing may be applied to political and media issues:

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February 17, 2014 at 3:40 pm