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About media framing • (written by Brian Dean)


News Frames is about media framing, and draws on the cognitive-linguistics work of George Lakoff et al. Its purpose is to popularise the subject beyond the superficial understanding which confuses framing with “spin”. Frame semantics is about how conceptual metaphor, narratives, etc, shape our thinking in a fundamental way. News Frames looks at how media framing reinforces certain moral worldviews and political belief systems – at a “deeper” level than surface language and “facts”. For those new to the subject, the static pages listed on our site map are a good place to start.

Framing is not primarily about politics or political messaging or communication. It is far more fundamental than that: frames are the mental structures that allow human beings to understand reality – and sometimes to create what we take to be reality. But frames do have an enormous bearing on politics […] – they structure our ideas and concepts, they shape the way we reason […] For the most part, our use of frames is unconscious and automatic. [George Lakoff; Thinking Points, Ch3]

Who are we?

newsframes_brian_dNews Frames is written by Brian Dean, creator of Media Hell, NSPCO & Anxiety Culture (which was praised by the Guardian as “A witty, alternative look at the working character of contemporary society”, and featured on both Channel 4 and BBC).

Brian has written regular columns for the Guardian newspaper, The Idler and Sleaze magazine – and has appeared in the Independent, Big Issue, Alternative Press Review, etc. He is author of, and contributor to, a number of books, including Lazy Person’s Guide to Framing: Decoding the News Media (Futura, 2014) and Point Taken: A Brief Thematic Reader (Ed: Elizabeth Penfield, Longman, 2003 ).

Bio: honours degree in architecture from Bristol University; worked as a systems designer/developer, logical data analyst and business analyst in several large companies, and, more recently, as a linguistics study researcher, independent writer and counterculture magazine editor.

digitalis-exhibition-2004[Right: Brian Dean’s Anxiety Culture project featured in an exhibition at The Cube Microplex, Bristol, in June 2004]

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December 9, 2010 at 12:31 pm